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Some FREE Project Tutorials to Get You Started Chainmailling!

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Twenty Dollar ($20 USD) Minimum on Domestic Orders
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Pinecone Pack

Pinecone Pack

The Pinecone Pack includes all the jump rings necessary to make three Pinecone Charms. Featured in Step by Step Wire Jewelry's October 2013 Issue.

The Pinecone Pack contains 5 packs of jump rings, you can also purchase the same packs individually:

Two Packs of 16g 3/8 Jump Rings in Chocolate Brown (100 Rings Total)
Two Packs of 16g 1/4 Jump Rings in Chocolate Brown (100 Rings Total)
One Pack of 16g 5/16 Jump Rings in Chocolate Brown (50 Rings Total)

You will also need three 7" pieces of 18g wire and two pairs of pliers.

Instructions will be sent as a .pdf file by email.
Note that this project should be rated as 4/5 advanced intermediate level of difficulty and all rings are 16 gauge.

Pinecone Pack
Price $10

So Sorry but the Pinecone Pack is sold out for the 2016 season! Check back next year!
Email me at orders@craftycatjumprings.com for a free copy of the pattern!

Peacock Feather Scale Earring Kit


Innovative layered scales design looks just like a metallic peacock feather and is made of lightweight anodized aluminum just like my jump rings. This kit is perfect for beginners and youth; they are SO easy to make and look great!
Kit comes with all materials and instructions, you provide 2 pairs of pliers.

Peacock Earrings Kit
Price $5

Earwire Color

Fantastic Creatures Bracelet Kit

Fantastic Creatures Features Sequin Chainmaille Bracelet

The Fantastic Creatures Chainmaille Sequin Bracelet kit is available in three color patterns:

Mermaid (mixed greens and blues)
Phoenix (mixed reds, orange & gold)
Pegasus (mixed pinks & purples)

This kit contains all the necessary materials and instructions to complete one bracelet:
Anodized aluminum jump rings, artisan mixed 13mm sequins, and my original "Tailwing" scale clasp system with lobster clasp.
You provide your own pair of pliers and paper hole punch with 1/4" diameter (standard).

Fantastic Creatures Bracelet Kit Price $20
Color Pattern

Patchwork Chainmaille Bracelet Kit

Patchwork Principles Chainmaille Bracelet
Photo © Bead & Button Magazine 2009

This kit contains all the materials needed for making my Patchwork Chainmaille Bracelet, the instructions for which appeared in April 2008's Bead & Button Magazine. You must provide your own tools (2 pairs of pliers). This kit comes with my own complete digital instructions (as a .pdf file sent by email).

The Kit Contains: Seven (7) packets for individual flower units in assorted colors, One (1) packet with finishing rings, including the lobster clasp and one (1) bag of assorted "extras", in case you break some, lose some or some are ugly or whatever.

Patchwork Chainmaille Bracelet Kit

You will receive a random assortment not limited to the individual units seen in this photo which you can even assort and rearrange if you wish to create the patchwork look seen here. In this way, no two bracelets are alike!

Potential colors can be seen on the here.

Patchwork Bracelet Kit
Price $20.00

Patchwork Star Keychain Kit

Patchwork Star Keychain KitPatchwork Star Earrings

The Patchwork Star Kit is a Celtic Star-type chainmaille pattern similar to the links in my Patchwork Bracelet above but more finished around the edges. This kit comes with enough rings and findings to make 2 star keychains or a pair of earrings. The kit comes with digital step-by-step instructions (.pdf file sent to you by email), but you must provide your own tools (2 pairs of pliers).

Patchwork Star Keychain Kit
Price $8.00

Color Patterns

Chainmaille Wreath Pendant

Chainmaille Wreath Pendant

This Holiday Project is featured in the November/December issue of Step-By-Step Wire Jewelry and includes all materials and instructions to make one wreath, including a your choice of colored ball chain to wear it as a necklace!

Chainmaille Kits are in Stock and Ready to Ship!

Chainmaille Wreath Kit
Price $10

Bow Color
Chain Color
Necklace Length

Hackeysack Kit

Hackeysack Kit

This kit contains all the materials needed for making an all-metal, all-chainmaille hackeysack. You must provide your own tools (2 pairs of pliers). Choose from the color combinations below or custom order your kit with up to 3 colors (Custom Color orders take longer to ship out). The kit also comes with larger size jump rings in plain aluminum for filling, but you can use beans, fabric, or whatever fill you prefer. Kit includes complete digital Instructions (sent as .pdf file to your email) for European 4-1 pattern, Hackeysack Assembly Instructions. Feels really neat to throw around, juggle with, or just to play hackeysack!

Hackeysack Kit
Price $20.00

Custom Hackeysack Kits will take 2 weeks to ship!

Color Patterns

Stretch Chainmaille Bracelet

Stretch Bracelet Kit

Kit includes all materials needed to make your own stretchy chainmaille bracelet, but you provide the tools (2 pairs pliers): Instructions for the European 4-1 chainmaille pattern, bracelet instructions, stretchy BLACK neoprene rings and anodized aluminum rings in your choice of the color combos below. Makes one wide bracelet (shown) or 2 narrower bracelets.

Choose from the following kit colors: Rainbow, All Silver, Rasta (Red, Yellow, Green), Candy (Pink, Violet, Purple), Peace (Orange, Gold, Turquoise), Earth (Brown, Blue, Green).

Stretch Bracelet Kit
Price $10.00

Color Patterns

Set of Two Pliers

You've heard it before...you need pliers to make chainmaille. You will need two pairs of chain-nose pliers to complete any of the kits above, though they can be used for many other kinds of jewelry-making . These are inexpensive and super-basic pliers, and we sell them by the pair for your convenience. Happy Chainmailling!

Set of Two Pliers
Price $20.00

All kits and instructions © 2010 Amanda Shero Granstrom

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