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Basic Spiral Tutorial and Jens Pind Earrings

These sample instructions are provided here for FREE. All instructions for kits have a photo for each step just like the instructions below. To order kits, go to the Chainmaille Kits section.

Mini Twist Jens Pind Earring Drops

Jens Pind weave is just a variation on the spiral weave, one of the most basic connections in chainmaille. Classic spiral chain needs to have fixed ends to retain the spiral, or it unwinds and becomes Jens Pind. True Jens Pind is made with rings that have a low Aspect Ratio (AR), i.e. those that have a large gauge compared to their Inside Diameter. This makes the weave tight so no spiraling can occur.

For a very tight weave, you can use 18 gauge 1/8" ID rings, although we recommend using 18 gauge 5/32" ID rings or 18 gauge 3/16" ID rings for the Jens Pind, as you need an AR of only 3.0-4.0; any higher than this and you will be making the Basic Spiral Weave instead.

***These earrings can be made from a single pack (50 rings) of any color of Crafty Cat Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings, using only your 2 pairs of chain or flat nosed pliers for tools and your choice of earring back findings.***

Note: The Pink rings in the photos are the new rings that are being added in each step. I'm using large rings here so it is easy to see but your rings will be much smaller. Practice on larger rings first to fully understand the weave.


1) Place one ring inside another ring and close it. Mark the first ring and always keep it to one end of the project, while working on the other end.

2) Place one ring inside both rings from the previous step.

3) Place one ring inside the last two rings in the chain.

4) At this point, grasp both ends of the chain in each hand and twist the ends of the chain in opposite directions. One way will produce a neat spiraling, the other will not look like much.

5) In the direction of the spiraling, continue adding one ring at a time repeating Step 3 over and over until the chain is as long as you would like it to be.

6) You can see how the chain looks much different spiraled vs. unspiraled. To stay spiraled, the loose spiral chain must be anchored at both ends, or made into a continuous loop. Jens Pind is essentially an unwound spiral, and is prevented from ever spiraling by using rings with small AR's.

SPIRALED: Basic Spiral


7) To make the earrings, make a Jens Pind Chain as above with 20-25 18 gauge 5/32" ID jump rings per earring in any of our 13 COLORS!

8) Before closing the last ring, add your earring finding, then close. Make the second earring of equal length.


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