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Mobius Rose Element

The Mobius Rose is a series of jumprings that cluster together to form the shape of a spiraling flower center.
Each jumpring is added to the space in the center of the cluster.
When complete, the Mobius Rose Element can be used as a drop, or multiple units can be connected together to form a chain.

1. Mobuis Rose Instructions Step One
First, close a single ring. In this example, we are using 12 gauge 1/2" rings so they will be easy to see.

2. Mobuis Rose Instructions Step Two
Then, open another ring and pass it through the center of the first ring. There is no wrong way to do this step.

3. Mobuis Rose Instructions Step Three
Next, open a third ring. Lay out the first two rings as shown, and pass the third ring through the open area where the two first rings overlap, through the centers of both of the rings.

3B. Mobuis Rose Instructions Step Three Part B
A Mobius Rose element has at least 3 rings. You can stop here or continue on, depending on the size of the rings.
When more rings can no longer fit through the center, you have reached the maximum size of the rose.

4. Mobuis Rose Instructions Step Four
Lay the piece out so all the rings are stacked and swirling in the same direction. Open a fourth ring, and add it again through the center of all the rings added previously.

4B. Mobuis Rose Instructions Step Four Part B
A Four-ring Mobius Rose.

5. Mobuis Rose Instructions Step Five
Continue adding rings in the same manner to create a Five-ring Mobius Rose.

6. Use this picture to determine the best type of Mobius Rose Element for your project:
Mobius Rose Chainmaille Chart

7. The Mobius Rose Elements can then be connected in the following ways: by one or three jumprings (odd numbers keep the roses on the same plane); with a length of chain or jumpring chain connecting them; or each rose can be started inside the previous rose for a complete chain.
Mobius Rose Necklace

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