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Welcome to Crafty Cat Jump Rings Dot Com!

Your source for great prices on all sizes and colors of anodized aluminum jump rings for making colorful chainmaille creations!

We specialize in brightly colored jump rings made from Anodized Aluminum. These rings provide the largest range of colors and are super lightweight and less expensive than coated copper or niobium rings. They have a very hard coating of color which holds up well to wear. These rings are anodized AFTER they are machine cut, so the ends of the rings are also colored. The rings are strong, yet easy to open and close so they are perfect for all levels of chainmaillers.

Every pack of rings is just $2 each!
Each pack of 16 or 18 gauge rings includes 50 rings
12 and 14 gauge rings are 25 per pack
20 gauge rings are 100 per pack

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Plus, we have FREE SHIPPING to the continental USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, Canada, the UK and the EU...

Ten Dollar ($10 USD) Minimum on Domestic Orders
and Thirty Dollar ($30 USD) Minimum on International Orders


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Crafty Cat's Chainmaille Terminology

ID is the Inside Diameter of the ring. Because each ring has both a size and a gauge, the outside diameter is less important than the inside diameter; the insides are what fit together and make the weave work. The ID is the same as the size of the mandrel used to make the jump rings.

AR is the Aspect Ratio, the ID divided by the gauge, AR=ID/wire diameter. We use fractions of inches (") here but also tell you in millimeters (mm). Check under each individual jump ring listing to see the various measurements and technical specifications available for that ring. Because AR is a ratio, you can use it when chainmailling to take a weave that works well and make it into a smaller or larger piece in the same proportions by using rings with a similar AR, even though they may have vastly different gauges or IDís. A jump ring with a small AR is more like a bagel, whereas a jump ring with a large AR is more like a hula hoop in terms of proportion.

We use SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) measurements for all our rings, not AWG. Gauge measurements are a system to organize wire diameters and represent them by standardized and easier to use numbers. CraftyCatJumpRings.Com sells rings in gauges from 12 to 18. A Smaller number gauge means a larger wire diameter (i.e. 12 gauge is fatter wire than 18 gauge).

FREE tutorials from the Crafty Cat to get you started chainmailling!

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