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About Us

Crafty Cat Jump Rings Dot Com is an online store created by Amanda and Erik Granstrom to sell chainmaille jewelry supplies and kits. We are truly a small business: Amanda does just about everything herself, from counting out each pack of jump rings to making kits, to processing your order and shipping it out to you!

Erik and Amanda.

We have been busy working on building a new workshop at our Hippyland home. We are so craftastic, we also run two other website businesses www.RedEftShibori.com and www.MadeByHippies.com. Using Notepad and writing html code, we build our websites one line at a time!

Amanda is always coming up with new interesting and colorful chainmaille jewelry designs! Several of her chainmaille jewelry creations have been featured as articles in Bead & Button Magazine and Step By Step Wire Jewelry Magazine and also appear in the book 30 Minute Earrings from Lark Books. She sells handmade kits for her original designs here!

April 2008: Bead & Button Magazine "Patchwork Principles" Chainmaille Bracelet
Summer 2009: Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry Magazine "Chainmaille Bobble Earrings"
June 2010: Bead & Button Magazine "Chainmaille Dahlia Ring"
June 2011: Bead & Button Magazine "Fantastic Features"
December 2012: Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry Magazine "Chainmaille Christmas Wreath"

We prefer email correspondence to orders@craftycatjumprings.com but we can also answer questions by phone or through the mail.

Crafty Cat Jump Rings
PO BOX #988
Sandy, Oregon 97055

Meet the Cats!

We are Crafty Cats, and we love cats! In 2013 we have 9 cats living in Hippyland with us...and here is their story...

First, we just had Dot, our beautiful & friendly Norwegian Forest Cat.

Then, we moved to Hippyland and got two more kitten sisters and named them Boots and Scratch

Then, we adopted a stray cat from the woods and called her Mystery (or, Misty)...Then she had 5 babies!

And we kept them ALL because we loved them!






The father of our babies came out from the woods to stay with us too, The Dude!

We had happy times and sad times and we will always love every cat we ever had!

Smokey (b.2010 d.2011)

Fufie (b.? d.2009)

Pouncer (b. 1997 d.2012)

Bobcat (b.? d. 2006)

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